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Exhibition is a Flutter framework for developing an Flutter app very quickly.


  • The dev-app is the Flutter application that should be developed with Exhibition.
  • A module is an object normally stored in one database table. Example: the module Users handles data of a user who can login to the app.
  • The metadata of a module is a dart class specifying all properties of the module in a well readable form. This must be defined by the developer.
  • Basic actions are: create, edit ("change"), list ("show many"), standard ("user defined") and delete.
  • A page is a dialog for exactly one basic action of a module. The page name is normally the name of the basic action, but can be changed. Normally each module has the pages new, edit and list.
  • The rest_server is a sub project of the dev-app implementing a backend for managing the data storage in a MySql database. . See Exhibition-RestServer


  • Clone the Git project exhibition from github.
  • Create the project files for the dev-app:
# precondition: the current directory is the parent of the base folder of Exhibition
if [ ! -d exhibition/dart_tools ]; then
  echo "+++ $(pwd) is not the parent of the base folder of exhibition!"
  exhibition/tools/InitProject $APP